Out of Africa


Many of you know that in the past my classes have played a game of world conquest called simply the ‘Take Over The World Game’ (TOTW). As I do every year I have made some changes to the rules of the game.

Much of the game remains the same as it has been in previous years. You will complete country reports, maps, and current event reports to gain forces to control countries around the world. The winning team will still be the one with controlling forces in the greatest number of countries.

I will go over several of the changes I have made to the rules and review the old rules at a later time. For now the most important change is this; The game begins now.

Things you need to know right now:

  1. I am assigning you to do one of the following assignments for Monday. You can pick any country in the continent of Africa.
    1. Country Report
    2. Current Event Report
    3. Map
  2. Your starting team and country will be determined based on several factors and will be announced later
  3. The reports mentioned above are no longer the only ways to earn points and other benefits.
    1. I won’t tell you what the other ways are.
    2. They will be optional (i.e. Not graded)
    3. You will be informed of them (usually) as we play the game.



You should get started now.


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