Take Over the World – Crossing the Mountains Challenge (7th and 8th grade only)


In 1991 a body was discovered in the Alps. This is not that uncommon. Hikers and climbers sometimes get stranded or lost in bad weather, and more than a few people have disappeared in the mountains…but some things about this corpse were stranger than normal.

Your challenge is to find out who this person was, where exactly he was found, and what makes the finding of his body so…mysterious.

Unlike the first challenge there is no advantage to being the first to hand in this information. Advantages will be awarded to any team  completing each of the requirements to the full extent. These will be checked very carefully, so double check your facts. 

To claim the prize you must hand to me a sealed envelope signed by every member of your group. In the envelope must be the following items:

Dead Man’s Mail: Several articles have been about this person. You need to report on the most recent. This can be written as a not-so-current event report.

Dead Man’s Trail: I need a map marking the location the body was found, its current resting place, and a dotted line showing all his travels since his discovery. Also include any nearby important physical features, cities, and countries.

Dead Man’s Tale: I need to know a plausible/realistic story for how this body ended up in the mountains. Your story must take into account all the known facts so you’ll need to read up on this person and what’s been discovered about them.

The challenge must be turned in no later than Thursday, Oct 3rd

You will probably want to work on this as a group to combine your efforts, but it is possible for one person to do all of it and win the advantage for the entire group.


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