How Old is Old?

I mentioned in class that we’d be getting into some hard questions. One of those involves the fact that there is fierce disagreement between some Christians and most scientists when it comes to figuring out the age of the earth. This can be a very contentious debate and could get me into a lot of trouble with your parents if I took a side. So instead I’m going to let/make you do the research.

To begin you need to find at least one argument for a young earth (around 6000 – 10000 years old) and one for an old earth (around 4.5 billion years old). You may find a lot more than one argument as you search. Many of these arguments can be complex; pick two that you at least mostly understand.

Try to read each source with an open mind. Try not to come to any conclusions until you’ve finished reading arguments for both sides. You probably already have an opinion about this  debate but try to give each argument a fair read.

Lastly answer the questions below.


Answer these questions as completely as possible and keeping in mind the material presented by the sources you found. Use examples and references to the source material or other sources to answer the questions. Feel free to look up terms, definitions, or events via Google or Wikipedia if you need to. Each of these questions (except #1) is worthy of a good sized paragraph for an answer. 

You may post your answers as a reply to this blog or write it out and give me a hard copy. Either way, make sure to include your name. 

If you are going to post a reply write it in MSWord first so you can save a copy. After you’re done paste the text into a comment for the blog. 

  1. Post a link or write the web address for your sources.
  2. What is the tone of the sources? Does the writer or speaker seem to be just giving the facts, are they angry or frustrated, excitable or frantic, are they patiently explaining all the details or are they just giving a quick overview?
  3. What questions come up when you read these sources? Is there anything else you think it is important to ask about the debate over the age of the earth?
  4. Is there room for compromise in this debate? Is there some kind of middle ground?
  5. Why do you think this question about the age of the earth is so important to people on both sides of the debate?

Additional Information – These are optional but recommended reading/viewing

An article – about the man who discovered the age of the earth

A website – explaining the young earth theory (in overwhelming detail)

A video – explaining the old earth theory

An article – about the man who discovered the exact date of creation

  • A timeline –  showing approximately how he got to that date
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