Population Problems

Experts say that sometime in 2011 the population of the world reached 7 billion people. They also predict that we will reach 9 billion or more by 2045. Population numbers have increased dramatically in recent centuries especially in non-industrialized nations. Check out the graph below to see the dramatic shift.

Bigger and bigger populations have raised questions from many people about how crowded the world can get before problems start happening. Some say there are already problems caused or made worse by bigger populations.

Three years ago National Geographic began to try to document some of the issues and questions raised by the increase in population. Look at each of the links below and answer the questions that go with each one.


Answer these questions as completely as possible and keeping in mind the material presented by National Geographic. Use examples and references to the assigned material or other sources to answer the questions. Feel free to look up terms, definitions, or events via Google or Wikipedia if need to. Each of these questions is worthy of a good sized paragraph for an answer. 

You may post your answers as a reply to this blog or write it out and give me a hard copy. Either way, make sure to include your name. 

If you are going to post a reply write it in MSWord first so you can save a copy. After you’re done paste the text into a comment for the blog. 

Where and How we Live – Make sure you click through the numbered pages in the upper right of the graphic

The Face of 7 Billion – Make sure you click through the options on the left of the graphic 

  • What surprises you about the statistics found on these pages? Why?
  • What looks hopeful in these stats?
  • What looks frightening or depressing in these stats?

How Big is 7 Billion

Party of  7 Billion

  • Now that you have a better idea how big 7 billion is, do you think this population level is a cause for concern? Why or why not?

Lastly, follow the link below and choose one of the articles to read and write a current event report on. Give the page a minute to load and you’ll see questions pop up on the left side of the page as it cycles through pictures from each article. Make sure to consider these questions when writing the ‘response’ section of your report. When you’ve decided which article you’ll use print it so you can take it home to work on.

(This assignment will count as an extra for the Take Over the World Game.)

National Geographic Articles (You can also check out the video on this page, and take a look at the current estimation of the world’s population and the bottom of the page)

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