Philosophize With Me

The Greeks were famous for starting some of the most influential philosophies in the western world. Even after the Greek city states were conquered their philosophies continued to shape how the major imperial powers thought and lived. Many of the writings and ideas of the ancient Greek philosophers continue to shape how we think. The fact is that the way we think today is very much a product of ancient Greek philosophy. 

Various related groupings of philosophical writings and ideas are known as a ‘school of thoughtor a ‘philosophical school’. You are going to research several schools of Greek philosophy from what is called the Hellenistic period. This is the period during which Greek influence was spreading around the known world.

Follow the links below and read about each of the philosophies listed. After you’ve read answer the questions below in detail.






Pyrrhonism (Pyrrhonian Skepticism)


You may respond to this blog post with your answers or write/type a hard copy to turn in to me. This assignment is due next Tuesday and is worth 25 points.


  1. Which of these Philosophies do you identify with the most? Explain why?
  2. Is there anything specifically Christian or un-Christian about any of these philosophies?
        1. Can you be a Christian and still follow these philosophies?
  3. Assign each of the people below one of these philosophies that you think best fits them. Explain why you chose each one. (You may not assign any of the above philosophies to more than two people)
        1. Mr. Stehouwer
        2. Mr. Wilson
        3. Mrs. Douglas
        4. Mrs. Matos
        5. Mr. Rhodes
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