Welcome to The Blog (2014)

If you’re reading this message that means you followed the instructions and found Mr. Wilson’s class blog. Those of you who were here last year will remember that I occasionally posted assignments here as well as interesting things to look at. Often there were helpful links and sometimes notes, pictures, and video as well. All these things will happen again this year and maybe some other things besides.

Make sure you’ve copied this web address ( http://www.mrwilsonblog.wordpress.com ) into your planners so you will not lose it. You’ll be coming back to this website often. Even when I haven’t specifically told you to check the blog it is worthwhile checking on your own simply because it’s awesome. Also, you never know what might be posted without your knowledge.


Usually the first thing I mention every year is the question, “Why do we study history?” I want you to consider that question well, because it is one we will come back to in class several times this year. Your first assignment associated with this blog is to go to the notes section and watch the first linked video, in which you will see a ridiculously handsome guy discussing this question. At the end he makes an assignment, but you can ignore that; I’ll have a different assignment on this topic for you later.

You can get headphones from the box and watch the video now. If we run out of time in class finish watching it at home.

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