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A Little Bit of Whitman

Walt Whitman wrote some of the the most quintessential American poetry. In a way he spoke for his generation on many issues. He was perhaps most famous for an extremely long (35 separate chapters with many segments per chapter) poem … Continue reading

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This is a Test

  I mentioned to the 8th graders that I had been considering not giving a quiz on the current unit. I have decided to do just that. There will be no quiz on the aforementioned chapters dealing with the growth … Continue reading

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Extra Credit!

I have two options for you in terms of extra credit. Neither is extremely difficult, but both are due no later than Friday, Feb 20th. Option #1 – Stories About Women Women, even important women, too often get pushed to … Continue reading

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In the 1800’s cities were growing; even smaller towns and villages were getting bigger. In the north especially there was much more industry, which meant more factories, more houses, and more people all in one place. This came with upsides … Continue reading

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Meriwether and William

The Lewis and Clark expedition was one of the great adventures in the early years of the United States. They were setting out to find land that was as unknown to them as Mars is to us. President Jefferson and … Continue reading

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