Meriwether and William

The Lewis and Clark expedition was one of the great adventures in the early years of the United States. They were setting out to find land that was as unknown to them as Mars is to us. President Jefferson and all the most educated people back east had no idea what they might find. Fortunately both Lewis and Clark kept detailed journals and filled them with descriptions of plants, animals, places, and people they encountered.

Your assignment is to research one event mentioned in the expedition’s journals and then to come up with a way to act out that event. One member of your group should be the narrator as well as an actor in the skit you create. You will narrate your skit by reading the journal entry you’ve picked.

After reading the above instructions each group should pick one card from the map at the front of the room and then use the link below to research the event written on the card

Check out this website and click on the event your team needs to research

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