Extra Credit!

I have two options for you in terms of extra credit. Neither is extremely difficult, but both are due no later than Friday, Feb 20th.

Option #1 – Stories About Women

Women, even important women, too often get pushed to the background of history. However, there are multitudinous examples that show women, despite obvious and blatant lack of equality, were making significant contributions to society.

I have found two such (audio) stories. Links to them are below. Your assignment is to research any two of the people mentioned in the story and write a brief biography of each. The entire assignment should be no more than about a page in length, but should include a short bibliography.

400,000 Stars

Harriet Quimby



Option #2 – Government?

We actually haven’t talked much about government and I sort of feel guilty about it. So below are two links to video’s describing some key features of the U.S. government.

After watching the videos your assignment is to find an article that somehow connects to one or more of the issues mentioned in the videos. Write a summary of the article and instead of a ‘Response’ section write a brief description of how the article connects to the video. Remember to include at least two questions.


Why Study Government?!

Checks and Balances

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