This is a Test


I mentioned to the 8th graders that I had been considering not giving a quiz on the current unit. I have decided to do just that. There will be no quiz on the aforementioned chapters dealing with the growth of cities nor on the women’s rights movement of the 1800’s.

However, I am giving you a test. I am testing your ability to take what you have learned about the early women’s rights movement and apply it to modern day.

Step 1 – Read the Declaration of Sentiments

Step 2 – The Declaration of Sentiments is patterned on the Declaration of Independence, which you remember had a list of grievances, or wrongs the colonists believed King George had done to them. Find the similar section in the Declaration of Sentiments, create a list of at least ten wrongs that the signers claim have been committed by men against women. [Hint: Look for all the short sections most of which begin with ‘He has…’ ]

Step 3 – Do some research. What would be on the list of grievances if the Declaration of Sentiments was written today? What are modern women’s rights issues? Find and make a second list of at least ten. These may be similar to some of those listed in the Declaration, but odds are many of them will be different.

Step 4 – Find an article relating to one modern issue pertaining to women’s rights or equality. Read it and write an article report. Remember to include a main idea, half-page summary, half-page response, and questions. In your response section consider these question. What has changed for women since the days of the Seneca Falls Convention? In what ways has the United States both lived up to and failed to live up to the idea of equality for all?  

Both of the lists and the article report on Monday, Feb 23.

You can write this out longhand or you can email the assignment to me at 

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