Its easy to like the progressive era. Sure they didn’t do everything well, but they were trying right? Muck-raking journalists were making the abuses of the big monopolies and governments officials well known.  A few people tried to preserve a little bit of the wilderness left in The United States, and some were fighting for the rights of workers and women. These are issues that we are still trying to solve, none are completely settled, but the progressives started on them.

I suppose that is what makes the progressives easy to like. They may not have completely solved every problem but they at least did something. They wanted to make society better.

Think about society today and come up with one big problem that we all are dealing with. If you have to, ask around to see what your parent and grandparents and older cousins think. Pick a single issue and make an argument explaining why this is the next big issue we should try to solve. Explain how fixing this would make society better. Lastly, explain how we might solve this problem. Where would the country get the money or the time or the manpower to fix whatever issue you’ve picked. Look around (online) and ask around some people may have good ideas.

This is going to end up being a one page paper (1.5 pgs if hand written). It will need a short bibliography to reference where you found ideas, problems, and solutions. Please follow the guidelines I gave you for citing sources earlier in the year.

This assignment is due on Friday, May 8th

You can write the answers to these questions long hand or email them to me at


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