Galileo to Hubble

The way we think about the universe is based on how well we are able to gather information about it. The ways in which we view space influence what we think about space.

I know I just went way over your head so I’ll let that sink in a minute.

When Galileo first used his telescope to magnify the moon and planets his discoveries challenged the ideas people held. Later on people with more advanced technology would make discoveries which would change how we picture space.

Answer this question in your notebooks.

1. How do you picture outer space? Describe what it looks like in 3 – 4 sentences, then continue with the instructions below.

Listen to this audio podcast, which explores some of the ideas created by a newer piece of technology, check out these images from the Hubble (don’t forget to the read the captions), then answer the questions below.

2. Name a TV show, video game, or movie (besides those already mentioned in the podcast on in class) that you think was influenced by the views of space shown by the Hubble Telescope. Explain why you think this show etc got some of its ideas of space from the Hubble images.  You may need to do some searching online to find a show/movie. 

3. How does podcast describe ideas and imaginings of space changing after the Hubble’s images were published?

4. How do you think our concept of space will change in the future?

These questions are due on Friday, May 15. Write the assignment in your planner.

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