Miss me yet?


I forgot to tell you all something… something…something. Oh yes, I’m not going to be around for the last few days of class. Lucky you!

WILSON - WIN_20150530_144439

More importantly I forgot to tell you something in connection with the summer assignment. While you are diligently and steadily laboring to learn about Renaissance artwork or the intricacies of you denomination it only seems fair that I also do some work this summer. So I have given myself a summer assignment.

Back in February I applied to go to two classes, thinking maybe I would get into one. I wrote essays, asked Ms. Douglas to write me letters of recommendation, filled out lots of forms, and in March I learned that I was accepted into both programs. For a week in July I will be living and taking a class in the Adirondack mountains of New York. Back in the 1800’s some of the super rich monopolists built mansions and estates way out in the woods there. I’ll be living in or near one and learning about how they affected society. In August I’m going to Virginia to live and study at Mt Vernon for a week. The people who sent me the gigantic picture of George Washington are sponsoring this class so you can probably guess what I’ll be learning about.

If you want to follow along with me on these adventures I’ll be posting updates, pictures, and maybe a few video’s on this blog. This isn’t required, but if you’re curious about where George Washington lived or mansions built by super rich guys feel free to check back once in a while.

I also might post some other stuff if I run across anything else that’s interesting and get the chance to write about it.

Below are some links to the programs I’ll be a part of if you’re curious what I’m going to be doing.

Forever Wild

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

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