Forever Wild – Day 1

My first reaction upon arriving in Camp Huntington, the first of the Adirondack Great Camps and my home for the week, is one of wonder and gratitude. Wonder that there were people who possessed enough money to build lavish camps in the middle of (a very scenic) nowhere and furnish them with every comfort of home; and gratitude for the fact that New York State through a serendipitous series of accidents, high ideals, and unintended consequences preserved some of the most beautiful scenery in the eastern US.

Photo Jul 25, 8 56 45 AM

The camp I’m staying at is the birthplace of Adirondack architecture, which means way more than just chairs. If you picture everything you own made of spruce logs and birch bark you’ll be getting the right idea.  It was built in the 1870’d by William West Durrant, whose father had made a fortune building the intercontinental railroad.

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