Mount Vernon Day 1 Continued

Early Morning Video

This morning I’ve heard a number of excellent very informative speakers. If you remember feeling like I’ve ever overloaded you with information to the point that your brain is going to burst; that is exactly how I feel now and its only halfway through the day (every day runs until 9pm with activities and lectures).

Topics covered so far:

  • Overview of Washington’s Life
  • 18th Century Warfare
  • The French and Indian War
  • George Washington and Slavery (more to come later in the week)

There are lots of quotes being thrown around, which I can’t write down fast enough (which irritates me as you can imagine). The best of the quotes so far and you can count on hearing this one repeated by me often. It comes from what was reportedly Washington’s favorite play about a Roman thinker and politician Cato.

“It is not in the power of any man to command success; but we’ll do more… we’ll deserve it.”

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