Reading Other People’s Books

It is difficult to understand other people’s religions; really difficult. When we can’t wrap our heads around how other people view the world, spirituality, and God it can lead to a lot of conflict. Those kinds of conflicts have happened throughout history creating long standing animosity and in may cases brutal violence.

It is interesting (and maybe helpful) to know where other beliefs come from so one of the things we’re going to occasionally do in this class is read the religious writings from other religions (don’t worry it won’t be a huge amount). It will maybe be a bit confusing, but it will hopefully also shed a little light on how other people see the world.

We’re going to talk a bit in class about Islam and its core beliefs, but now I want you to do some comparison. Click on both links below and then answer the questions.

Bible and Qu’ran Comparison – Look through a few of the categories and make note of similarities and differences between the two books.

Violence in the Holy Books – Listen to this story from 2010. There are a few different viewpoints expressed; make sure you know the main points of each. You will need a pair of headphones.


  1. Describe at least 3-5 similarities and an equal number of differences between the Bible and the Qu’ran on any of the topics you looked at.
  2. What viewpoints are given in the audio piece? Describe each viewpoint and explain the evidence used to support it.
  3. Response: Write about half of a page explaining your thoughts after comparing these two major religions.

You can write out your answers by hand (or typed) and turn in a hard-copy or you may type them in a MSWord or GoogleDoc file and attach them to an email. 

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