A Meeting in Cuba

In a season of political arguments and accusations over problems that can seem completely intractable the article below helped me to gain a bit of perspective. There are arguments older than the debates over healthcare, illegal immigration, privacy, Islamic and domestic terrorism. If these two men representing two opposing sides of a problem, which has caused just as much tension, ill will, and bloodshed as any of our modern, can agree to an amicable meeting on neutral ground there may yet be hope for the rest of what ails humanity.


Pope Francis will meet Patriarch Kirill in Cuba, in a historic step to heal the 1,000-year schism that has divided the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches.



Read the article and write an article report, which will be due Tuesday, Feb 16

Remember to include:

  1. Main Idea
  2. Summary which includes and quote with parenthetical citation
  3. Response
  4. Questions
  5. Bibliography
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