The End of the Year Project

The signs are all around us that the school year is beginning to draw to a close. The air is warm, the birds are singing, and teenagers are setting records for how little they are paying attention in class.

Along with all of these things comes the project to end all projects: The End of the Year Project. Those of you who have been to this dance before will remember that I do not give a final. Instead of spending the last few months of school frantically trying to shove back into you brain all the things you should have learned over the year, for my classes you will create a project the likes of which the world has never seen. Using all the time, resources, and energy at your disposal between now and May you should be able to create something amazing and become an expert on it.

The biggest danger is in waiting and wasting the precious time you have; nearly two months. It will be very clear to anyone who sees your presentation if you used your time wisely or not. Get started now!

World History End of the Year Project

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