A Writers War


WWI is sometimes called a writers war. More than any other previous war those who fought wrote down their experiences. Some who survived kept writing long after the Treaty of Versailles was signed ending the war. I get the impression most of the war writers were using their writing as a way to process the awful events around them; a sort of rudimentary self-administered therapy.

Much of the poetry written about the first world war by those who experienced it run counter to the expectations of glory, honor, and nationalism most people had at the beginning of the war.

Use this link to access a site full of WWI poetry.

Each person in your group must pick a poem to read from the year you’ve been assigned. Each person should write their poem on a blank sheet in their notebook so they can practice it individually. This is a dramatic reading so you won’t be doing any acting but try to use your voice to convey the poem’s meaning.

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