Who and How

What matters more than the knowing all the dates of all the battles and political decision connected to the first world war is understanding what the facts of the war have to teach us about ourselves and the present. We live in a very different time 100 years after the events with began WWI, but in many ways we’re not so different from the men and women who fought and endured the Great War. What we take away from studying the mess of the first world war is a big open question.

John Green is good at dealing with big questions in his videos. He covers a lot of material very quickly, but all of it tends to point toward one or two main points. Below are three videos I want you to watch. For each of them make note of his main argument. Usually he mentions it in the intro and sums it all up in the last minute or so [like a good essay introduction and conclusion]. For each video list at least three details he uses to reinforce this point. Create a chart or some other organized way to show the main ideas and supporting points.

You can email this assignment to me or draw it out by hand on blank paper.








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