Rock and Roll Listening Assignment – Day 2

We’ve already talked about the fact that when it comes to rock and roll the influences were wide and varied. Country, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Gospel, and Soul all had a part in the creation of Rock, but sometimes it seems like rock songs with elements from all of those turn out sounding very different that any of them by themselves. In the case of rock and roll 2 and 2 does not always equal 4, and musical traditions which seem extreme opposites can come together.


Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys


Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Cudrup


Today’s Listening Assignments 

Rock and Roll as a Meshing of Musical Styles

This is prep for tomorrow because while neither of these songs is rock and roll they will become rock in the hands and voice of an artist we’ll hear tomorrow.


Gospel Music – The Birth of Soul

I haven’t had a chance to touch on this yet but Gospel is an important part of rock and roll’s early history. Compare and contrast (a ven diagram might be convenient) the following clips and if you want to go find the full songs to listen to. Listen closely to the lyrics and identify the central message of the songs. Identify the key figure (subject) mentioned in the lyrics. Think about whether the song reminds you of any music you have heard previously.



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