Rock and Roll Listening Assignment – Day 4


I’m giving you a bit a of a different twist on the listening assignment today. As has been demonstrated, I don’t know everything about rock and roll and certainly not about music in general. You all are capable of finding artists and performances that illustrate the points we’ve made in class just as much as I am. So this time you are going to be responsible for finding interesting songs and video.

You need to find things for me to listen to. Functionally you’re going to provide the soundtrack for my weekend as you send me links.

Here are the rules:

  1. Stick to the 50’s and early 60’s. Any recording made from 1950-1963 is fair game. Nothing from outside those years.
  2. Find a (1) piece that illustrates something we’ve mentioned in the past week.
    • Integration of different musical styles
    • Changes in fashion
    • Interesting or powerful modes of performance/portrayal
    • Lyrics of a particular style or mix of styles
    • Interesting uses of technology (audio or visual)
  3. Post links to your interesting video or audio in the comments section of this blog post.
    • They should look like this: Your Name – Name of Song – Name of Artist – Link
  4. No Repeats. Look at the comments to see what’s already been posted and find something different.
    • Don’t choose any of the recordings I’ve posted or shown in class. Although other recordings by the same artists are fine.
  5. Everyone must post at least one song, but feel free to post more if you want


This isn’t a rule but I highly suggest you find songs and artists you actually enjoy.

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18 Responses to Rock and Roll Listening Assignment – Day 4

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Gabrielle- Hit the Road Jack- Ray Charles-

  2. Cole says:

    Cole – I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles –

  3. Travis-Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash-

  4. Travis Allabon says:

    Travis Allabon- Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash-

  5. Rahja says:

    Rahja – Rockin’ Robin – Bobby Day –

  6. Noah – Uranium Feaver – Elton Britt –
    Noah – Right Behind You Baby – Ray Smith –
    Noah – The Wanderer – Dion –

  7. Kavya Weaver says:

    Kavya – What I’d Say- Ray Charles-

  8. Luke says:

    Luke – La Bomba – Ritchie Valens

  9. jackson says:

    Jackson- Ritchie Valens- We Belong Together

  10. carl bruning says:

    Carl – I Walk The Line- Johnny Cash-

  11. Alex says:

    Alex-Can’t Help Falling in Love-Elvis Presley-

  12. Zach Woodwroth says:

    Bob Dylan Visions Of Johanna

    Change in the fashion.

  13. Lydia Thomas says:

    Lydia- Stay beside me by Ritchie Valens,

  14. Calaya Moore says:

    Calaya- Dream Lover- Bobby Darin-

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