Summer Blog Update #2 – In the Backcountry

Recently I went hiking. I try not to take much if any newish technology with me as I find it distracting. I was only beyond the reach of the modern world for a couple of days, but it brought to mind a few ideas I wanted to share. They relate to the eras and topics we’ll be covering this year in history class.

  1. For most of human history when there were no organized countries and people lived in tribes or bands of about 12-20 paths like this (traveled by foot) were the most common type transportation available.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Without modern electric lights human activity is ruled by the amount of usable daylight. Even though I carry flashlights and a lantern with me the amount of light I can create in the middle of the very dark woods is negligible. Even if I hadn’t been tired I would have had to go to sleep just because there’s so little you can do without more light.
  3. Humanity as made some big technological leaps in the past few hundred years. Some of the most important relate to food. For most of history people were limited to eating what they caught, found, or killed pretty quickly before it went bad. Freezing food was only possible near the poles or at high altitude. Eventually salting was used to preserve meat but of course that changed the taste drastically. Now I can ‘just add water’ to a pouch of dehydrated teriyaki chicken and rice and have a meal that actually tastes good…like really good. So good I ate all 2.5 servings myself and wanted more.
  4. A great horned owl perched in a tree above your campsite is creepy.Click the play button to listen to what I heard at about 3am.  
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