Ancient Climate Change

During our recent focus on geography and its effects on ancient cultures we passed quickly over the idea of climate being a major force on the development of early civilizations. I regret having made this omission. So to somewhat correct myself… take a look at this:

Make sure you read all of it


So this ought to be a little scary to you; it is for me. But I have a few questions before we get too terrified:

  1. What is climate and how is it different from weather?
  2. How good/accurate is this representation? Can you find any other research online to back up anything in this timeline?
  3. What are the probable consequences? What is likely to happen if climate change follows the ‘current path’ and warms by about 4 degrees Celsius in the next 80-100 years?

You’ll need to do some research to answer these questions. Pretty much all of it can be online, but be careful about where you find information. Not all sources are trustworthy. Keep a list of sites and sources you use and create a sources consulted page to go with the answers to these questions. You will need to turn in both the answers and sources page by Friday, Oct 21.

You may turn in a hard copy or email me your answers as an attachment or GoogleDoc. Make sure your sources page is included in the same email. (

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