7/8 Nightly Reading/Viewing Assignment 4.18.17

Syria the World’s Nightmare – Reporting from and about Syria. Be sure to click on the first bit of audio (At Home in Aleppo) then choose at least one of the other segment to listen to. Think about Thucydides as you listen to this.


Ukraine Explained – These days it looks like Russia is doing a lot to try to start or become involved in conflicts around the world. For example they’re a big influence in Syria and they tried to influence U.S. elections. However, this new attitude on Russia’s part first became obvious to many people (me) when they just sort of took a chunk of Ukraine back in 2014. That conflict is still ongoing.



  • The Falling of the Lenins – More from Ukraine
  • The White Helmets of Syria – This article isn’t about the war itself but about the people living through it. Caution: There is a video embedded in the article it isn’t easy to watch and not for the faint of heart.
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