The Conflict in Palestine

In the past we’ve mentioned over and over the empires and peoples of the Fertile Crescent, an area we today sort of generally refer to as ‘the Middle East’.  Conflict in this region is not confined to ancient history and, in fact, seems to be just as endemic now as it was then. In the part of the Middle East called Palestine there is a long running and complicated conflict going on between Israelis and Palestinians. The maps and videos below will give you an overview of the conflict. After viewing them answer the questions that follow.


Video One



Video Two


Video Three



Answer these questions as completely as possible and keeping in mind the material presented in the videos. Use examples and references to the videos or other sources to answer the questions. Feel free to look up terms, definitions, or events via Google or Wikipedia if you need to. Each of these questions is worthy of a good sized paragraph for an answer. 


  • What will it take to end this conflict? What things need to happen to archive peace? What steps should be taken?
  • Where should the blame be placed for the conflict? Whose fault is all of this?
  • What historical events are important to the modern-day Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? (There are many mentioned in the videos)
  • What questions do you still need to have answered in order to more fully understand this troubled area?
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