7/8 Nightly Viewing/Listening Assignment 4.26.17

All the following links will take you to some information regarding education and its costs.

Tech Not Taxes – This is a little dated but still interesting.

Free College is a Really a Thing – In some places at least. Listen to the audio or read if you want. Pay attention to the reason why some places are providing free college.

Places with Free College Programs – Its a map! and its clickable. Check out PA and a few other states.

The Numbers – A short article that breaks down the cost of college. The whole thing is interesting to read, but if you’re too lazy at least read the pieces on the ‘Cost of a College Education’ and ‘Inflation Comparison’. The numbers are pretty accurate  I think even though the article is from 2015. Warning: This might be really depressing, but you should know what you’re walking into.

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