2017 Summer Blog #1

I know you all have been out of school for about two weeks now, but we teachers just finished up meetings and such last week. So I’m just now sitting down to think about the assignments I said I’d give myself for this summer.

  1. Read all 735 pages of Hamilton by Ron Chernow  – This is what the musical is based on.
  2. Attend a class in Philadelphia on The Supreme Court’s role in American democracy.
  3. Visit some interesting historic places.


Oddly enough those last two are going to be the hardest. As many of you know my wife and I are having a baby, who is due to arrive nearly any minute. So traveling might be kind of tricky. Nevertheless, I’ll find at least a few interesting things to write about. There’s plenty of interesting stuff just in and around Pittsburgh.

Check back soon for an update on how far I’ve read in Hamilton, and read along if you want. You could also download the audio book from Audible or somewhere and listen to it much faster than I can read.

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