2017 Summer Blog #4 – Hamilton’s Financial Genius

Ok, its been way more than one week but we had a baby not long after the last update so I’ve been a little busy. But now here are my recorded thoughts on Hamilton’s financial ideas, the Whiskey Rebellion, and a the beginning of the two party system in the U.S. I apologize in advance for the background noise. Someone is doing work on a house on my street, which seems to involve the use of three very loud generators and a bunch of other unnecessarily loud machinery. I tried to edit the audio to make it better, but…meh…

Once again there are something like a dozen songs in the musical dealing with Hamilton’s financial strategies and plans so I can’t even pick one to emphasize.


I’m going to aim at doing a few more posts about Hamilton before moving on to a different topic. Probably Revolutionary War spies cause I’ve sort of found myself fascinated by that topic recently.



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